Rules And Regulations

Welcome to Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy, a trust-worthy name in the field of education. Kindly read the following rules and regulations related to admission

– You will get access to our Online Prerecorded lectures on our Learning Management system. Our course access includes detailed and comprehensive online prerecorded lectures which students can watch at their convenience. In this course package, live classes are not included.

– LMS of Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy can be accessed on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It cannot be accessed on MacBook.

– Mirchawala’s LMS can only be accessed on a single device. Access on multiple devices is not permitted. Device change is not permitted. LMS will work on one single registered device only (one registered at the time of admission).

– Lectures cannot be downloaded. They can only be accessed via online streaming. Students should have a good internet connection (at least 15 Mbps).

– Only one student can access LMS. If multiple students will access single LMS access, then admission will be canceled, and fees will not be refunded in case of breach of condition.

– Course access will only be for a limited time. Course access can only be done till an exam attempt selected by the student at the time of enrolment. Once that period expires, course access cannot be extended.

– Course access is for a specific attempt agreed with admin at the time of admission. A different course period may result in a change in fees. If no attempt was agreed upon at the time of admission, then course access will be for the nearest exam attempt only. Change to access period OR extension is not possible in any circumstances. After course expiry, re-enrolment will be required at complete fees.

– Fees of one subject cannot be transferred to another subject, similarly fees of one student cannot be transferred to another student.

– Fees once paid cannot be refunded or transferred to any other subject in any circumstances. In case of fees refund or transfer, 100% fees will be deducted, as Mirchawala’s institute has to pay to relevant stakeholders immediately at the time of admission.

– Fees will be consumed irrespective of whether a student has watched lectures OR not. The argument of not watching lectures during the access period will not be acceptable for a refund or course extension, as Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy has to pay to relevant stakeholders irrespective of the number of times a student has watched a lecture OR even has not watched any lecture.

– Freeze or deferral for course access cannot be done. Course access is only for specific exam attempts only, which is agreed at the time of admission or nearest exam attempt.

– Course access will expire after the expiry period of the validity period irrespective of any class taken or not.

– Any verbal agreement or communication will be considered null or void, therefore all communication must be in written form.

– Any misconduct will be subject to strict disciplinary action.

– Once the course is enrolled, fees cannot be refunded in any situation.

– 80% attendance is a must for all the students in every subject he/she is admitted, otherwise admission will be canceled.

– Mirchawala’s institute does not deal in any kind of visa application and foreign university transfers.

– Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy will make sure that student data will only be used by itself for class information purposes and for submission to ACCA for the student record database.